Time to Say Goodbye – S.D. Robertson

I have just finished reading Time to Say Goodbye by SD Robertson and I feel emotionally exhausted.I have cried, laughed, been shocked, scared and cried some more.

This amazing novel by SD Robertson ticks all of the boxes for me when it comes to novels. It has suspense, love and most importantly it is extremely hard to put down. I finished it in just over 24 hours and by my reading speed that is incredible.

Robertson has the amazing ability of engaging the reader and pulls you into the story. I felt like I was a part of it all. I could picture the scenes, feel all the emotions that were required at that point in time in the book. At the same time I wanted to finish it but didn’t want it to end.

When I had finished reading it i just lay there hugging the book to my chest wanting to show the characters that they are loved. I honestly feel that I have a hole in my life now where that book should be.

The story follows a man who has died but is back in the world as a spirit. It follows him as he watches his family grieve his loss and especially his 6 year old daughter who has now been orphaned. He is given a choice to forever stay as a spirit where no living person can see him for eternity or to leave is only child to grieve her father.

It is an immensely difficult decision for him as it would be for any parent who has promised their child to never leave them. How can you expect a child of 6 to understand the concept of death especially the death of their only remaining parent?

The story line will keep you hooked until the very end!

Again I highly recommend this book. If you want this book click here.

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