Autobiography of a Geisha – Sayo Masuda

I have just finished my 11th book of the year so far and it’s called Autobiography of a Geisha by Sayo Masuda. It’s about the incredible life of a Geisha but unlike the high end Geishas depicted in Memoirs of a Geisha.

This harrowing book describes the struggles of being a Geisha in the 1930’s and life after the war for a woman who was sold as a child and with no education.

It’s incredible the things humans go through and still make it out happy. This poor woman is an inspiration to everyone who has been given the short end of the stick in life. It doesn’t matter what your upbringing was or what you have been through in life, it is still possible to show love to others.

She has inspired me to become a better person. I have suffered from depression but knowing that someone who has gone through a lot worse than I have can still be happy and love people can do it then so can I!

I again highly recommend this book, it is easy to read and is a true story of strength and courage!


If you want to read this incredible story click here.


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